Forum Friday: Greta the (G60) Jetta

There are two types of car enthusiasts. No, not Domestic vs. Import lovers. Not aircooled vs. watercooled Volkswagens. And not even manual vs. automatic transmission people. It’s those who name their cars and those who do not. This week we bring to your attention a thread from our forums where the owner named his car. This week we’d like to introduce you to Greta the Jetta.

Greta comes to us from the land of salmon, sasquatch, and sparkly vampires: Oregon. In addition to those, ahem, interesting residents, the Pacific Northwest is also known for its temperate (and wet) climate. Without much snow (and the salt used to combat it), the cars and trucks of this gorgeous region are better preserved than other northern parts of the country, and Greta is a great example.

Greta, you’ll notice, is a 1984 MK1 Jetta coupe. VWvortex member Seomobster started his thread back in 2017. When he got Greta, she was in decent condition but was a bit rough around the edges. He immediately started tearing into his little 2-door sedan; he cleaned her up, pre-wired her for an upgraded sound system, installed a Mk2 Helios interior (google it), and even tried dyeing the faded black plastic trim, but failed.

But Greta’s most interesting feature is what’s under her hood. That’s right, it’s a 1.8L G60 supercharged engine from an early Corrado. While it’s not VW’s most popular engine, it packs a lot more heat than the stock MK1 Jetta unit.

So if you’re looking for a Friday time-suck, Seomobster’s 20-page thread on his beloved Greta is a great read. Have a great weekend everyone!

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