Find Of The Day: Brand-New* Corrado SLC

Let’s all take a minute to reflect on times gone by. Simple times. A time when every manufacturer had at least one low-slung coupe in their lineup. The ’90s may have been the zenith of the sporty car market; roads were dotted with Preludes, Eclipses, Probes, MX-3s, and many many more. Volkswagen had their own very special sports-coupe, the Corrado.

But this car didn’t start out very special. The Corrado came to North America in 1989 as a replacement for the popular Scirocco 16V. Unfortunately, Volkswagen felt the need to stuff a 1.8L supercharged engine, the G60, under the hood.

Reviewers felt the coupe’s handling was quite nice, but the engine was underwhelming. For the 1993 model year, Volkswagen added the powerful VR6 engine to the ‘Rado, and the car was transformed. Journalists gushed over the torquey engine now partnered with the sharp handling platform. The Corrado SLC was a hit.

This week’s Find Of The Day is a time capsule of a car. Ok, ok, it’s not brand new. But it has–get this–only 39,000 original miles. It’s basically a brand-new car. Take a look at the driver’s seat: there’s barely any wear on the leather bolsters. Now imagine that beige seat hugging you tight as you carve through some turns, the VR6 growling its Wookie-esque song, with your right hand and left foot ready to snick down a gear after a tight left sweeping curve. Is it heaven? Nope, it’s a Corrado SLC.

Act fast if you’re interested in this black beauty. The auction ends Monday around 3:30 pm EST. Oh, and you’ll want to have your funding in place; the current bid as of this writing is $19,000. This 1994 Corrado SLC is in Upper Black Eddy, PA.

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