Eyeless, 800-HP-Plus Lamborghini SCV12 Hypercar Outed in Patent Filing

Teased recently wearing full-body camouflage, the upcoming Lamborghini SCV12 hypercar has been fully revealed—in line-drawing form, at least. A patent filing in Europe that was posted to TaycanEVforum.com depicts in broad strokes the hardcore, track-only SCV12’s design, and a few things stand out. Namely, as we noted after Lamborghini posted its own preview images, the SCV12 is nearly faceless and lacks formal headlights.

Looking for all the world like a would-be social distancer wearing their mask improperly over the top of their head (or the Rorschach character from Watchmen), the SCV12 presents an unnatural visage. Overall, the car is little more than a chamfered wedge with a huge wing and vents and slats all over. Forward illumination appears to come from a pair of un-styled trapezoidal running lamps in the lower bumper; as befits a track-only model, those lights are sandwiched by brake-cooling ducts and wild aerodynamic canards at each front corner.

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The rear is even wilder. A pair of slim hexagonal taillights and round exhaust outlets that resemble cannons poke out of the largely open-seeming tail. What appear to be mini triplanes flank a deep diffuser element, and there are weird fins everywhere—including longitudinal dorsal fins running along the top of each rear fender peak. A freakishly louvered rear deck resembles an exposed spine mid-surgery, and it pinches toward that balcony-sized cantilevered spoiler. The patent drawings show most of the SCV12’s spoilers (front and rear) with little adjustment tie-rods, so expect the real deal to offer manually adjustable aero.

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When the SCV12 arrives later this summer, it’ll be the most powerful twelve-cylinder Lamborghini model ever. Details are forthcoming, but it’ll have at least 800 horsepower, and based on the fixed side windows (with racecar-style manually opened inset venting apertures) suggest it’ll be stripped down and very lightweight. Between that and the atmosphere-abusing aero, look out. While you wait for the SCV12 to make the leap out of patent drawings and its cute camouflage and into the metal—er, carbon fiber—just sit back and listen to the thing’s V-12 shriek.


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