Citroen C5 Aircross: Thoughts & impressions from a Skoda Kodiaq owner

At this price, the passenger seat should be electric as the Compass and Kodiaq both have it.

BHPian Vid6639 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I had a chance to sit in the C5 Aircross here at the front and back. Unfortunately couldn’t drive one but here’s my impressions as a passenger.

The front seats are supremely comfortable and have a good adjustment range. Passenger seat has height adjust albeit all controls are manual. At this price, the passenger seat should be electric as the Compass and Kodiaq both have it.

The disappointment is the rear seat. The seats are tad higher but they lack under thigh support severely. The angle is more upright and the lumbar is excessive. Thanks to 3 individual seats, you end up sitting closer to the window than you want if there’s only 2 or 1 person at the back. The seats are too narrow and you can’t spread out. There should have been an optional regular seat and the one with the 3 based on need of buyer. The 3 individual seats is impractical and is a complete deal breaker.

The plastics on the doors are all hard which was a shock, and overall plastics don’t feel anywhere close to my Kodiaq even though it is priced on par with it. The C pillar plastic over my head was terribly finished and the overall feel was nowhere as premium as the Kodiaq. After the C5, I sat in a Compass Model S at the back and found that the seats were more comfortable and felt better than the Citroen. But the Compass NVH and ride was nowhere as good.

The highlight of the car however was the ride comfort. It was like riding on clouds. I was just imagining how simply awesome the Kodiaq would have been with this kind of ride comfort. You simply don’t feel any of the sharpness of any bumps and it just like soaks everything up like memory foam.

The other highlight was the NVH. The diesel drone in the cabin was non existent and much better than my Kodiaq’s NVH inside the cabin.

Have to drive it to see how it is but overall they have 2 deal breakers; the price for the quality on offer and the rear seat usability.

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