Buying a Volkswagen Taigun 1.0 TSI: Should I get the MT or AT

There’s the other self of me who bets that in the next 5 years, I will end up missing the convenience of an AT and then regret my decision.

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Hi everyone,

I’m planning to buy to my first car in the next few weeks. Having zeroed down on the Taigun, I am now torn between a 1.0L manual and a 1.0L automatic transmission.

The following considerations are to be made:

  • Planning this one for a 10Yr+ period (I’m currently 32 yrs old).
  • Major usage: Driven by wifey and me on trips out of Bengaluru (We have my wife’s car which will be used for in-city bumper-bumper traffic).
  • Minor usage: Office commute on rainy days (since I’d any day prefer a bike for office commute on other days).
  • Budget (Highline and Highline AT, both are in consideration. 1.5L s are out).
  • Although I like spirited driving and traveling, I don’t precisely indulge in pushing performance limits or getting greater speeds.

There’s a self of me who is sad not to have owned and driven a manual car ever. Buying a manual, keeping it as a classic, maintaining the man-machine connection. It prefers the engagement required for driving a stick and the control it offers. Buying an automatic almost feels like the end of an era to this self.

There’s the other self of me who bets that in the next 5 years, I will end up missing the convenience of an AT and then regret my decision.

Would be good to know if anyone can relate and had similar thoughts at the time of finalizing your car, and finally, what did you decide on?

Here’s what BHPian TurbochargedT had to say on the matter:

Honestly, I would always go for an automatic. The convenience it offers is unparalleled. If you ever feel like taking control just put it in S mode and use the paddle shifters/gear lever, I know it is not the same thing but at least it lets you take control. You will miss the AT if you are ever stuck in traffic or on days when you just want to enjoy a comfortable leisure drive.

Here’s what BHPian Aviator_guy had to say on the matter:

Manual or AT is your personal preference but from a practical point of view, AT makes more sense with ever increasing traffic and congestion. Unless you are die hard fan of manual and can’t live without the stick shift feel, I’d suggest to go for AT anytime. Once you drive AT, the comfort and convenience it provides is unmatched. You can cover more distance /plan more trips without worrying about fatigue and believe me, your body will thank you.

Plus it is future proof as well since you want to keep car for long time.

Here’s what BHPan AnjanKatna had to say on the matter:

As you do not have to drive in peak Bangalore traffic on most days, go for manual any day. I am 37, and have no problems with the manual (considering 5 yrs from now you will be 37 ). Me and my wife had similar discussions while purchasing the car (only I drive) wrt length of ownership and usage. I also used only my bike in Bangalore, and we got ours when we recently moved back to Delhi.

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