Brought home a Tata Nexon EV Max: Initial impressions

I opted for a 7.2kw AC fast charger. Our current approved load from MSEB was 6kw 3 phase and as per TATA power survey, they suggested to increase the load capacity to at least 10kw.

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Background: – The Itch for an EV started back when Nexon was launched in 2020.Since covid, the working model was switched to WFH which even exists today, well, to an extent. It’s hybrid now, 2 days a week to be precise. My previous vehicle was a Dzire (2016) Diesel AGS/AMT. During Pandemic, usage was minimal, I drove only 2500kms in two years vs ~16000 which I used to clock in same time frame. Nevertheless, when I let her go, I clocked over 100k+ kms without major issues. For me, it was a high time for a change, not because of maintenance or fuel costs but because I was bored. As stated earlier, I was inclined on switching to an EV just because it was now technologically advanced and offered a decent range and had viable charging options. I drooled for almost 2 years watching videos of all the available EV options. Nexon EV (1.0) had a workable range of 200-250 kms and MG ZS EV if I am not wrong had around 300+, but MG was out of my budget. Come May-22 Nexon EV max or Nexon EV 2.0 as they quote on invoice, was launched. I had a reason to switch now, that’s only because I travel 400 km+ twice a year to GOA to visit my sister, MAX meant I can be confident enough to do this with 2 charges in between without the “range anxiety”, although this is possible even with Nexon 1.0 with two charges but Max gave me some confidence. So, my mind was set and I took a leap and booked NEV 2.0 on 9th of June 2022.

Exchange and Booking Experience: I traded Dzire for Nexon. Not that they gave me an exchange bonus, but they offered me a good deal. I listed Dzire on various online platforms but TATA Exchange surprisingly gave me a better offer which matched with what I had in my mind. Long story short, I traded it and booked NEV 2.0 with 21K booking amount. I booked XZ+Lux with the signature teal blue which they introduced with NEV 2.0(more on that later). They told me upfront that the waiting period is close to 5-6 months, but if they are able, they will deliver early, a standard jargon which every dealer use I believe. They applied the usual accessory package of 17k. I told them I will take what I need, not a thing more than what I need. Overall booking experience was good, nothing worth to mention. OTR was close to 21 lac after the recent price increase of 60k in July’22.

The Surprise: On 31st July ’22 I got a call from SA, they told me there was a cancellation of same configuration I booked but with White colour. I thought for a while and considering the recent price increase and my “okayishness” on the colour, I actually was ok with any colour on offer but to give an option at the time of booking I gave the signature teal as my option. I gave them a go ahead with only one condition, I wanted to do a PDI before I confirm. In my mind I had a thought that the cancellation can also occur if rightful owner has rejected the vehicle due to PDI issues. But to their story they said owner could not get his loan process completed in time. I don’t know what was the true story but as I told them I did the PDI and everything was OK. Gave a go ahead and delivery was confirmed after a week of my loan approval.

Loan Process: I took loan from SBI with a smart interest rate and it was approved within a day of my filing. SBI is on par with the pvt banks these days at-least from the branch which I got it done. I told them to release the payment a day before delivery which they obliged. The delivery was fixed for 19th Aug (Janmashtami)

Choice number and Pre-Delivery: I am an aviation enthusiast and my family believes on numbers. Every car in my family had a number which totalled 9 and my parents insisted to have that total on this car as well which I obliged. I contacted an RTO agent I knew and he got it done. Choice number fee+1000 his service fee total was 4500+1000 and I got my favourite aircraft’s number “747” or MH12XX0747. I gave the receipt to the dealer and since now registration is a dealer point process, he got it done within a week, well basically due to “server” delays. Well, I had nothing to complain as I had decided the delivery date and they delivered on that date. Even if they would have got the registration done earlier, I was not eager to get it quicker. Otherwise, if you are lucky, it can be done within a day and you can take home your car/bike the next day.

Delivery and Initial Ownership Experience: – Before I come to delivery, I must talk about the accessory package which they levied. I only took my required “essentials” i.e. rubber mats, mud flaps, door guards and illuminated scuff plates. It costed me around 5.5k, so from the final invoice they gave me back 11.5k as an instant pay out. One good thing about the dealer, they did not even once convince me to take those extra accessories which I thought were not essential and obliged to my request and gave an instant refund on the unused accessory amount. Delivery was smooth and we drove for the compulsory temple visit.

After the customary visit to temple and pooja customaries, I did not drive it much since. However, I tested all the features of the NEV 2.0 and the initial impressions are too good. There are however some things I do not like which I will talk about in the next section. I have till now done around 230 kms.

Charger Installation: I opted for a 7.2kw AC fast charger. Our current approved load from MSEB was 6kw 3 phase and as per TATA power survey, they suggested to increase the load capacity to at least 10kw. Which I did through an online process (Load increase fee is 4500 Rs). You also need to submit a survey report on why current load need an increase. You can submit the TATA power survey report for the same. Until all this process was underway, on 20th Aug TATA power guys came and installed fast charger on my current load capacity but they derated the charger to use only 3.2kw. They told me once my load capacity is increased, they will come again and upgrade the charger to 7.2kw (the charger is Bluetooth enabled and they use an app to derate or upgrade the charger) Within 4 days, MSEB online application process was done and they upgraded load capacity and also upgraded all the wires from “main BUS” to the meter room to use a 10 sq mm copper wire against 6sq mm copper wire before. For this wire change, I had to pay an extra amount (around 1500 Rs). After the load and wire thingy sorted, I called TATA power again and they did a quick survey against the work done for the upgrade and finally upgraded my charger to 7.2 kw. Meanwhile, I also had a steel box enclosure(with lock and key) ordered and installed over the charger from my fabricator to safeguard the charger against vandalism or mischief.

After all those experiences I mentioned above, let’s move on to the likes and dislikes of the initial ownership in my perspective of NEV 2.0


  • Proven design and build quality
  • Suspension Setup
  • Audio System
  • Good to have features which I use a lot i.e. Auto-hold, selectable regen levels, hill descent control (Pune needs that), wireless charging, Auto Wipers and Headlamp, Ventilated seats


  • i-VBAC, this is one of the most talked about feature of Max, which essentially decides whether to use max regen while braking or use actual brakes itself, IMO the feel which you must get when depressing those brakes should be positive. You must actually feel those discs clinging on to the brake pads through your brake pedals, with this setup I do not get the same feedback and confidence, nevertheless, I am trying to live with it now.
  • Headlight setup, they are just plain and simply awful. I am thinking to upgrade them to LED’s but still thinking about warranty. If TATA accessories offer them now or in future albeit on a premium, I will go for it than to risk warranty if I do it outside.
  • Software issues like brake lights are lit even if you switch off and lock the vehicle when brake pedals are depressed (I noticed that this issue occurred only when I had the auto-hold feature on. Workaround is to switch off auto-hold before turning off vehicle). Another one, proximity sensors (read reverse parking sensors) still buzzing even if you start your vehicle in “P” mode (workaround do not switch off vehicle while in “R” mode). These issues will be addressed in my first service, I do not feel they need to be fixed asap as they do not annoy me as of now.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the vehicle. I still have to do a range test, I have only drive for about 200+ kms till now. Looking forward to munch more miles!!

As an end note, let some pictures do the talking

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