Brabus launches brace of 800hp SUVs

Both GLE and GLS now get Senna-matching power – and 24-inch wheels…

By Matt Bird / Thursday, May 20, 2021 / Loading comments

If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it – that’s how the saying goes. Nowhere is the adage truer than for Brabus-tuned Mercedes; it’s been making very powerful, very lavish Benzes for decades now, from Smarts to Maybachs, almost always painted black and more often than not on some enormous wheels as well. They don’t always meet with popular approval. But clearly the Brabus buyers can’t get enough, as here are two new modified SUVs that fit the Brabus template just perfectly.

For those not familiar, they are the Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 63 S 4Matic+ and the Mercedes-Benz GLS 63 S 4Matic+. Or rather, they were; now they’re Brabus 800s, “high-performance variants that leave nothing to be desired.”

You want power? The Brabuses have power. With bespoke turbos boosting to 1.6 bar and a rework of the electronics to accommodate, another 188hp and 111lb ft has been liberated from the mighty twin-turbo V8. That means a nice, round 800hp, alongside 737lb ft – or 1,000Nm. For the GLE, that means 0-62mph in a ludicrous 3.4 seconds; the larger, heavier GLS takes 3.8 seconds. The top speed for both cars is limited to 280km/h, or 174mph, presumably for the safety of all humanity. A sports exhaust is also available for the pair, promising everything from a “subtle whisper” to a “throaty V8” sound.

To keep the 800s on the straight and narrow, Brabus has tinkered with the Airmatic suspension, lowering both GLS and GLE for better stability and a “more thrilling stance”. Furthermore, the suspension work draws more attention to the new wheels – not that they probably needed it… Though Brabus does offer everything from 21- to 23-inches for the 800s, there’s also a new 24-inch rim. And the rules are if you have a 24-inch rim then it must be fitted. Apparently, they offer both lightweight construction and maximum strength, riding on 295/30 section tyres at each corner. Good luck replacing those…

For those still playing Brabus bingo, it’ll be worth dabbing for carbon body parts – available in high gloss or matt – the interior overhaul with “fine leather appointments” and, notably, a three-year, 62,000-mile warranty. For a tuned car making 200hp per litre. Talk about confidence in the product.

So although the GLE and GLS 800 aren’t likely to convert the Brabus non-believers, existing fans will surely find plenty that takes their fancy here. As always, buyers can commission a bespoke build or upgrade an existing car – and the appeal of 800hp shouldn’t be too difficult to explain on PH, even if the cars might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Interested parties can order now…

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