Bought a TVS iQube electric scooter: My initial impressions

The regenerative braking is very aggressive in the Power Mode. It can stop the electric vehicle even on some slopes.

BHPian sri_tesla recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I got my TVS iQube S in mint blue delivered on Monday.

Initial impressions

  • It is so silent and on top, the lack of vibrations makes it a pleasant riding experience. I am only able to travel at 45 to 50kmph maximum till now, but it does not feel that way, due to no vibrations and noise.
  • ECO Mode: It feels a bit sluggish initially but it can easily reach 45 to 50kmph (as per dash).
  • Power Mode: This is the default mode for me. I have been using it in power mode only for the last 2 days. With this, you don’t feel the lack of power and can still get high range by being gentle on the throttle.
  • Regen: Regen did not start in the ECO mode at 90%+ SoC. But when I switched to power mode, regen started working even at 90%+ SoC. Regen is very aggressive and it is able to stop the vehicle even on decent slopes.
  • Range: Currently, I am averaging slightly higher than 1km per 1% charge (see below image). I got the vehicle at 2.4km on ODO. I traveled 22.6 km in 22% of the battery. This includes over 2 days of idle drain as well. This is with my regular style of riding in average traffic conditions.
  • App connectivity: Not able to connect to the app yet. I think it takes 4-5 days for the dealer to update the vehicle information to the database.

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