BMW Just Angered A Whole Demo on Twitter

BMW has created quite the commotion over on Twitter (and Reddit) with a recent tweet about its new iX SUV. It pointed to the continued anger (disgust? outrage?) over its new grille treatment with the cutline “OK, Boomer. And what’s your reason not to change?” As you can guess, it has driven quite the commentary.

OK, Boomer.
And what’s your reason not to change?

The first-ever BMW iX. #THEiX

The Tweet got more than 300 comments and the Reddit post more than 450. But before we get to those, here are my thoughts on the new beaver-teeth-inspired grille.

I didn’t immediately hate the new grille when I first saw it on the 3- and 4-Series, but a lot of people did. I think in a dark color M4, with the dark color grille, it looks OK. I do suppose that’s a step down from old M3 and M4. I would describe those as “good looking.” I was little more dismayed when I saw a picture of it in the light of day, when I could see that a good bit of the gaping maw was closed off for aerodynamics. I’m a function over form guy, through and through.

On the iX, somehow it looks more comical. Maybe it’s the extra-narrow headlights; maybe it’s the brown paint with blue and black and chrome. Like the M3 and M4, I think we can agree the side view looks OK, though I’m not a fan of the floating roof. And the rear is fine. But the front and front three-quarters…let’s just say it’s going to take some time to get used to. And I’ll remind you that when we talked to BMW design boss Domagoj Dukec, he said each series gets its own take on the grille. However, this iX grille does look like a similar take to the M3 and M4. Lastly, it’s electric. I don’t think it shouldn’t have a grille, that looks too weird, but it doesn’t need to be featured so damn prominently.

Now, as Jimmy Kimmel would say, “on to the mean tweets.”

Because I don’t want to drive a slit eyed Allegro with squirrel teeth.

Because Skoda made a better looking BMW.

Whoever is the internal sales guy is that managed to convince management of this design is potentially the best sales guy on the planet.

I dont need a car that has a competition with a nissan juke and the nissan juke wins

Hey Siri, show me a tone deaf advertising campaign completely out of step with its customers.

OK (Boomer), those were pretty rough, and there are plenty more. But let’s see what the ace commenters on Reddit had to say.

“The new X5 is beautiful. Pretty much everything else looks like hell. Maybe the new M5 is the only other exception,” said mynameisjacob4589.

“My first car was an 1987 E30 for $1200. It’s been downhill ever since,” said MisterSafe.

“52yo GenXer here. I found that tweet pretty offensive as someone who potentially would be interested in and can afford a high end BMW, and have no interest in being talked down to by BMW marketing. Hard pass on that account for me,” said EvilMastermindG.

“Is this why their marketing is always so uninspiring recently? This is a move to attract young consumers but it comes off as so “fellow kids”. I’m a young person and Mercedes knocks it out of the park in terms of making cars feel sexy (their Grow Up series was so good). BMW on the other hand feels so bland and docile – like a German Toyota. I say this thinking BMW was the coolest brand ever growing up,” said SundayVetiver.

Anecdotally, from my Twitter feed, it seems like a lot of the complainers are close to Gen X and Millennial age as opposed to Boomers. And most of us can’t afford a BMW anyway. However, we do get paid to make educated judgements on vehicles, so maybe that’s all part of the fun.

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