Behind the scenes of a Nordschleife lap record

The AMG GT Black Series has gone faster than any other series production car; here's how it happened

By Matt Bird / Friday, November 27, 2020

Lost in the incredible numbers associated with the AMG GT Black Series – 730hp, £335,000, that 6:43 lap – there are numerous details that warrant attention. Because, really, whoever pictured the GT getting to this point? Handily, AMG has created this video from its Nurburgring test centre, during the record attempt, to deep dive the Black Series' overhaul.

So, there's a rundown of the Michelin technology with AMG's head of tyre development – including how the soft compound can carry Michelin's motorsport branding – a set up discussion with driver Maro Engel and never-before-seen footage from the record day itself.

For those ever so slightly obsessed with the mad orange Mercedes and Nurburgring lap records (count us amongst them), it's a fascinating insight into just how much work goes into an attempt. And, it should be said, the overhaul Mercedes' sports car has been subjected to in turning it from cruiser to record breaker – they're impressive modifications on paper, but all the more so on video. Naturally power counts for a lot, though it's worth noting that this Black Series went very nearly a minute faster than a standard GT S, a lifetime in Nordschleife lap times. In what must have been less favourable conditions. So it's useful to understand just how that happened – here's your opportunity!

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