Ares Design Pulls Back the Curtains on Roofless S1 Project Spyder

Ares Design has pulled back the curtains on its boutique supercar S1 Project Spyder. The new vehicle follows the company’s S1 Project coupe, giving its Barchetta-style silhouette a roofless design this time around.

Coming with two deflectors, its windscreen-less design pushes up air current over the driver and into air intakes behind the headrests to create a “virtual canopy.” The vehicle’s open cockpit offers a bold contrast between the silver-toned body and its delicately handcrafted Napa leather and Alcantra-covered interiors. Apart from its exterior body, the S1 Project Spyder does not differ greatly from the inner mechanics of its coupe twin. Under the hood, the car has a naturally aspirated V8 engine that can rev up to 8,800 rpm and put out 715 horsepower. Its eight-speed dual-clutch transmission and double-wishbone suspension allow the car to go from 0 to 62 miles in only 2.7 seconds. Speaking on the new model, Ares co-founder Dany Bahar notes of the convertible, “we wanted to create a model that is a true tribute to the pleasure of sport driving. This new [vehicle] adds more charm to the S1 Project design as it takes additional inspiration from the world of motorsport and the racing cars of the past.”

No official release date for the S1 Project Spyder has been announced, but like its predecessor, the model will be limited to just 24 examples.

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