9 Top-Rated Radar Detectors for Speed Demons

As police technology for catching speeders has progressed, so too has the technology of radar detectors. The big names are all still around, but now these detectors can point to where the radar is coming from, tell you what kind of radar they’re picking up, and even lock out false positives using GPS memory. In the extra-legal arms race, it seems the people are winning. Here is a selection of the top-rated radar detectors based on Amazon ratings, starting as low as $40.

Escort is one of the premier brands of radar detector—you’ll see a few on this list. The Max360 features directional alerts, a community of users, and five levels of filtering for quieting fake notifications.

The Escort IX eliminates false alerts by learning your route and varying sensitivity based on how fast you are going. Vehicle speed, laser band, and signal strength are all displayed.

This detector uses GPS to remember and silence false alerts. It also comes preloaded with red light and speed camera locations, along with free firmware updates.

This long-range detector from Radenso delivers alerts up to several miles away while also reducing false alerts through filtering. It has an automatic mute function below a user-selectable speed.

This detector features a multicolor LED display with band filtering and comes preloaded with speed traps. It can be updated regularly and features optional voice warnings.

This slightly cheaper detector from Uniden works 360 degrees, but it doesn’t have an arrow to show where the radar is coming from.

This high-end detector from Escort has all the bells and whistles, including Wi-Fi, directional arrows, false alert elimination, and a community of drivers.

Cobra offers several RAD detectors at varying price points. It has front and rear detection, filters for false alerts, and is updatable. It comes with a 12V power cord and suction-cup mount.

This inexpensive radar detector is a cheap way into the “hobby,” to see if they work for your driving style. It has 360-degree protection and a shutdown feature to foil radar detector-detectors.

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