500hp confirmed for Ford Mustang Dark Horse

"Naturally aspirated awesomeness" promised from new 5.0-litre flagship – tremendous news

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 15 December 2022 / Loading comments

Being a traditional petrolhead can feel a little disheartening at the moment, what with electric this and automatic only that. Nobody’s trying to deny the march of progress, of course, but we also don’t want to be forgotten about, either. Heaven knows every PHer has spent more money than they probably should have on an interesting car.

There’s good news incoming from Ford, though, just in time for Christmas. ‘Ho-ho-ho horsepower’ is the headline, as 500hp has been confirmed for the new Mustang Dark Horse. It’s the most powerful 5.0-litre Mustang ever, in fact (the old Mach 1 was rated at 460), the Coyote V8 treated to forged conrods, stronger cams and a bespoke cam. There’s 418lb ft alongside, too, and that’s on US premium fuel rather than serious stuff on offer here. And the Dark Horse revs to 7,500rpm, which is fantastic news.

Those opting for just the GT rather than the Dark Horse still get 480hp and 415lb ft, useful boosts from the previous 5.0. Both models benefit from a dual intake and dual throttle body induction system, and power remains the same regardless of whether the manual or auto ‘box is chosen. “Every time someone gets behind the wheel of a Mustang, we know they want to feel that strong connection to their vehicle – and we’re just as invested in creating that bond,” said Suzanne Robinson, Coyote engine program supervisor. “With the increased responsiveness you get from the new dual throttle bodies, we’re wringing every ounce of performance we can out of our engine so Mustang enthusiasts can have that experience.” We’ll consider that another thing to look forward. Those wishing to bring even more V8 goodness to their GT will be pleased to know that a valved performance exhaust will be an option, upping power to 486hp and torque to a Dark Horse-equalling 418lb ft. Ford says it’s going to be ‘the most exhilarating and visceral Mustang yet’.

The seventh generation, 2024 Ford Mustang will go on sale in the US next summer, so hopefully European sales won’t be far behind that. Gotta make the most of cars like this while we can! Mustang chief engineer Ed Krenz is promising “our best 5.0-litre V8 yet”, after all…

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