27-hour & 850 km-long road trip in my MG ZS EV: Crossed 13K km on odo

The availability of fast chargers has increased by leaps and bounds ever since I got my electric vehicle.

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13000 Kms update

Lightfury crossed 13000kms today. After a bit of lull for about 2 weeks, the kms got racked up quickly. This included a 500Kms+ Team BHP drive and an 850Kms quick dash to Dharmastala, Mangalore, Kukke Subramanya and back. This was followed by a 220Kms breakfast drive with my parents near Bangalore.

Temple Run: 2 Friends, 2 Temples, 2 Ghats, 27 hours and 851Kms

My friend and I planned a drive to Dharmastala and Kukke and one day at our disposal for this drive. This is not an issue with two drivers, but my friend had forgotten to renew his Driving license even beyond the 3 months grace period which effectively meant I had to drive throughout.

Started off with 100% SOC from Bangalore. First charging stop was at Relux Charging station at Shantigrama toll plaza. Charged to full from 50% in about 50mins. Left for Dharmastala through Charmadi ghat and reached Dharmastala at 6AM. Post temple darshan and breakfast we decided to have ice cream at Pabba’s in Mangalore. Took a detour and reached Mangalore in 90mins. Put the car to charge at the fast charger at Tata motors showroom and had our fill of ice cream sundaes.

Left for Kukke from Mangalore with a full charge and stomach. Reached Kukke with 68% charge. After darshan left for Mysore through Bisle ghat. The uphill climb did eat into the range, but I was confident of reaching Mysore without another charging stop. We stopped multiple times for taking pictures of breathtaking western ghats bathed in the evening sun. We reached Mysore at 9PM with an 18% charge left.

Post a few errands in Mysore and 30mins charging session later we were off to Bangalore at 11:30PM. Since both of us had not slept a wink the previous night, we had to have multiple stops en route to Bangalore which meant a longer-than-usual drive time of 3 hours. Finally, I reached home at 2:30AM after dropping off my friend. That’s a drive time of just under 20hrs. Overall time taken for the drive was a little under 27Hours.

Final stats from the drive

Lightfury performed flawlessly and I had no range anxiety over the entire drive. The quiet cabin, lack of gearshifts and enough torque right from zero rpms meant a less strenuous drive.

The availability of fast chargers has increased by leaps and bounds ever since I got my ZS EV. With more EVs getting launched, the number of fast chargers will only go up. I am planning another longer drive soon.

Few pics from the temple run

Night Sky over Charmadi ghat

At Bisle ghat

Parting shot

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