2021 Geneva Motor Show cancelled

The organisers of the Geneva Motor Show have decided to cancel the next year’s event.

The Geneva Motors Show is one of the premier automotive exhibitions that is usually held in the month of March. But, it is said that demand for such events from car brands has been weak, which could lead to more auto shows being cancelled in the future.

The organisers have also announced plans to sell the show’s assets to owners of the Palexpo conference centre in Geneva, where the event is held every year.

This year’s event had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With most of the other global events also being cancelled due to the pandemic, car brands have switched to online launches that are less expensive and are easy to organize logistically compared to the auto shows.

The Geneva Motor Show is said to be the largest public event in Switzerland. The cancellation of the show is expected to cost the organisers around US$ 210 million.


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