2 days with Toyota Hyryder: Honda City owner shares 12 observations

Fuel efficiency is clearly going to be above 20 km/l in the city if you go easy on the pedal.

BHPian Audik75 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My initial ownership review after 2 days of driving the Hyryder

I have been in the market for a car to replace an ageing Wagon-R for over 20 months and considered multiple cars before taking the leap of faith on the Hyryder. I have followed Team-BHP reviews for a while now and found them to be among the most factual and well-written ones after test-driving a few cars.

My considerations were

  • Jeep Compass 2021 facelift: liked the Jeep but the steep price of 34L on-road for the S-variant (and an automatic transmission that didn’t seem the best mating for the engine) held me back.
  • Tata Harrier: still in love with it. The lack of features (several of which have now crept into it through the multiple launches) that the Nexon / Safari had and the Hydraulic steering with poor calibration held me back.
  • Maruti Brezza: Booked the new Brezza on launch but ended up cancelling it as I read reviews about the K15C engine performance. While it did largely meet my use cases at 17.3L, I felt it was overpriced compared to the outgoing version and no longer the value buy.

I did not consider the Korean twins (safety perception) or the German ones (multiple issues owners have reported post-launch and the compact SUVs appearing more like a large hatchback- no offence to owners). Didn’t consider Mahindra given the waiting time for their SUVs albeit I could have planned this given how long I waited to actually buy.

With other options largely being ruled out and the inertia post-COVID drawing to a close, I ended up booking the Hyryder on launch day expecting its pricing to be around 23L-24L for the V variant. The key factors were a car to primarily handle city driving conditions with occasional stints on the highway. The lack of adequate EV charging infrastructure on the highways and constraints at my apartment meant pure EVs were ruled out. I experienced the Prius nearly 20 years back and was happy to consider a Toyota hybrid.

Was eagerly waiting for the Hyryder review and when it launched at the end of August, felt the car ticked all the boxes I wanted. Two plus months after this, still feel the Team-BHP review is the most comprehensive one and have been following the forum avidly.

Sales experience

The sales experience from Toyota was non-existent through July and August and I ended up booking Grand Vitara as a backup. Clearly, Maruti Suzuki has a better sales process and the dealers were more hungry for business. However, starting mid-September, things changed and once the display cars showed up, interest started building up and I got assurance from the Toyota dealer that they would arrange for delivery by October month-end.

I received a call in mid-October that the car has been allotted and they could arrange delivery around Diwali. I was however stuck with some health issues at home and deferred delivery till early November. Requested the dealer to get Ceramic coating done to avoid an extended waiting period (quote was comparable to the market and also included 3 further coats to be applied at 6/12 month intervals).

It was pelting in Chennai when I took delivery last week. Did a quick PDI and missed out on checking TPMS which showed blank on reaching home (this has since reset itself and is not an issue). Over the last 2 days, have done only city hops and a short ride on a highway that was congested enough to prevent me from going over 85kmph.

Initial experience

Detailing below some observations from my limited driving experience.

Overall, looks like a decent buy and has no buyer’s remorse yet (too early I guess). Got an extended warranty but expect the much talked Toyota service experience and hassle-free maintenance factors to come in handy.

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