1987 Dodge Ram 50 Causes Other Japanese Pickups to Hallucinate

Once Ford and GM developed their homegrown Ranger and S-10, respectively, Chrysler was the last of the Detroit Big Three to continue selling rebadged Japanese small pickups in the United States. The Mitsubishi Triton, known on these shores as the Mighty Max (with Mitsubishi badging) and Ram 50 (with Dodge badging) remained on sale here all the way through the 1994 model year, more than a decade after the final Ford (Mazda) Couriers and Chevrolet (Isuzu) LUVs. The Nissan Hardbody, Toyota Truck and Mazda B2000 were the targets of this TV commercial for the ’87 Ram 50, showing off the ways in which the Ram beat each in turn.

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